Wednesday, October 20, 2010

High School Chorus

In the second part of our first year in our high school, my good friend Chen I-Chun(陈一川)  and I started to organize a high school chorus. With the strong support from our music teacher (see Oct 16, 2010 blog), we got that achieved quickly. Chen and I became even closer as a result of this joint project. To celebrate our achievement, we took a picture together. This was the first time that either of us used a professional photographer to take a picture together other than with family members. In the back of the picture, Chen wrote: "Dao-Shing classmate, Let us remember forever this glorious, happy moment in our High School time, and may all the moments worthwhile be treasured. And I hope that we will be good collaborators for all our lives' activities".
I was appointed as the conductor of our first concert. The first concert was given at the Taiwan University Law school auditorium. I have no memory of what we sang!

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