Thursday, October 7, 2010

English Teacher

Another subject which was required every semester in High School was English. Our English teacher in those six semesters was an older lady (in her fifties) named Liang Jing-Shung (梁瀞训). She was an outstanding teacher, but she had one weak spot. She had some favorite students and I was one of them. Once she decided that you were a good student, you did not seem to be able to do anything wrong. Because of that, I did not work as hard as I ought to. I should have paid more attention, then maybe I could have learned more! In the class, she only asked a few students to answer her questions, or to recite some phrases. In these respects, we, the favorite students, benefited from her prejudice. She always had a smiling face, she was well-liked. We knew that she had a lot of "good jobs" waiting for her should she decide to quite her teaching job, since during that period of time, people with a good English background were wanted in every corner. She was from one of the few well-off families who did not really need her income and so she could just choose what she liked to do! In that sense, we the class was a very lucky class. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of her smile!

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