Monday, January 15, 2018

My Final Connections to Taiwan(II)

I started my fourth grade for the second time when I arrived at Tzoling Elementary School for the first time. Since the school at the time was using the Taiwanese dialect, which I could not understand, I stayed in that school only until the Navy Elementary School started to accept more students. So I started my fourth grade for the third time to continue my education there! All my basic education was thus done in Taiwan. I went to many schools, including the famous National Taiwan University, which has had quite a number of reunion meetings in the USA. However, there has been only one reunion of my Chemistry Department class which took place in Ohio. 
Most amazingly, after we all retired, my class at Banqiao Junior High School has had many class reunions, several in the USA. Even more amazingly, one of my classmates from Junior High School has been my best friend continuously over the more than sixty five years since we graduated. Even though we have never lived in the same place since I left Taiwan, we have kept in contact.  Our connections have been as strong as any human relationship, and involved not just two of us, but also included our two families! In 1984, we met again to continue our Taiwan connection! The following
pictures were taken during that visit.


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