Saturday, April 2, 2016

We started early!

I have always been interested in music. In junior high, I had a very caring music teacher, Mrs.Bie(畢). She liked me and I performed well for her. I won the first prize in the singing competition for my class. And later, in senior high, I had another music teacher who cared for me. His name was Ouyang(欧阳.)Again I was named the best in a school competition. A caring relationship with a teacher is very important, and I had the benefit of that advantage many times in my life.
When our children were in school, they had already started singing early in our church children's choir. Certainly they enjoyed singing in school as well! In 1979, there was a singing performance in their school after Thanksgiving.  I am glad that I had some pictures taken to show you that singing was something the Huang family started early in their lives. Steven is in the middle of third row in the top picture and Margaret is in the front row on the right side of the bottom picture.

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