Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Older Relatives in Boston Area

The third event usually came a day or two after Christmas. We drove to visit older relatives in the area. In the earlier years, we went to visit Janice's Great Aunt Sister Anthony and her Great Uncle Jimmy. However, in 1979 we were only able to visit Janice's favorite Great Aunt Flo, who was living in a Catholic retirement community in Quincy, a Boston suburb. We were there for a couple of hours to let her have time to talk with our kids and share their stories with her. I am very proud of our children as they never made any complaint about spending time with older relatives and answering their questions repeatedly. Of course, the relatives were also impressed by their behavior. The pictures below were taken in the guest room at the retirement center. Both Janice and I are very happy to possess these memorable shots.

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