Monday, October 12, 2015

It’s very hard to say “Good Bye”

When we traveled to see my parents in Taiwan every three years, my mom always counted down the days left before we arrived, starting two weeks before the big day! While we were there, she often wanted to take more pictures with us, whenever there was an opportunity to dress up or time to spare. We took group pictures again and again, in different places and at different times. We took pictures at home, in the yard, and of course, on campus! Our kids were well adjusted to this routine picture-taking and they would get ready without any hesitation! When I think back about our visit to Taiwan, 1978 was the most “fruitful” trip, as my parents were very relaxed and they still had plenty of energy to play with our kids and enjoy life with their grandchildren!good-bye-3good-bye-4good-bye-5good-bye-6good-bye-7good-bye-9good-bye-8good-bye-9a

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