Friday, October 9, 2015

Another Beach Week-end!

This time in Northern Taiwan, we stayed in a beach home near one of the beaches in the Tamsui area. It was owned by my father’s friend, who insisted that we stay there for a couple of nights. We were then getting ready for our trip back to the USA and we were pretty busy saying good-bye to many people. The owner had to drive us there. We took a picture with him but I do not remember his name any more. He went back to Taipei with my parents and we stayed there and had a good time with the kids. I did get a chance to take some pictures of the area! Janice always remembers this place because I went down to the water without shoes or sandals and could no return to the place we were staying because the sand was too hot! She had to go back and get my sandals for me as she predicted! beach-xitze-2beach-xitze-4beach-xitze-5beach-xitze-7beach-xitze-8beach-xitze-9

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