Thursday, September 3, 2015

Many Relatives!

Almost all my relatives on my mother’s side were there at this wedding of my uncle’s son. Many of them we had never met before. Of course, they had never met Janice and our children. We made a special effort to meet everyone who wanted to meet with us the next day. In addition to my uncle’s family, there were two other families we spent time with. My uncle had taken two of his nephews(his and my mother’s sister’s children) out of China when he went to Taiwan, so that they could avoid the Japanese invasion. They had joined the army and followed my uncle ever since they were teenagers. Later they resigned from the army and my father found some jobs for them at the University Forest Station. They were both married by the time of this wedding and their families (with the exception of Enge’s wife) were all there. We took some pictures together. The first picture was taken with my uncle and his wife. Visiting them was the primary reason my mother took us from Nanking to Taiwan in 1949. This is actually the only picture my family has with them.relativeI call the other two families the Enge family and the Yage family, as those were the cousins’ given names. They actually both belonged to the Chen family.relative-relative-1Then we had several pictures of all children with their respective families there at the wedding:relative-3relative-5relatives-kids

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