Friday, August 2, 2013

Another Trip North

In the  summer of 1972, Father came from Taiwan to accompany my sister Kai to the states. We took him north for a big trip all the way to Cape Cod. My sister  had to report to the Graduate School at the University of Kentucky, therefore she did not make the trip with us. Father went back home in the spring of 1973, since his visitor’s visa only lasted for half a year. We decided to take Kai that summer for a trip north. Since she had never been in New York City before, we spent quite a bit of time there with Sherman’s family. We visited all the famous icons in the city, plus the Bronx Zoo for our children’s sake. We must have been in the city for a whole week, but we finally arrived at the Cape. Unfortunately Kai was sick and could not get into water. She did get to the beach as shown in the last picture. Greg and Judy were also visiting there.


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