Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Talking about “Princess”

Talking about “Princess”, our dog, there is also a story. It is not about how we got her from a big litter at a farm house outside Johnson City, although that, too, was quite an experience! When we first saw her, she was very timid but also very alert. The lady at the farm told us that she was the dog that always played with her grandchildren when they visited. Janice had great eyes to decide right there to take her home, as we enjoyed her tremendously later over the years. And right after she was house broken, she immediately showed us how smart she was. Since she was about the same age as Steven, she started to take care of Steven immediately by letting him hold onto her ears to stand up. She was very careful not to let him fall down. Later, when we had a young man from our neighborhood come to babysit, he told us that Princess was very protective of Steven. When he went to help Steven who was on the floor crying, Princess tried to stop him from getting close to Steven. That was quite a dog!  


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