Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Taida, National Taiwan University

Taida is the shortened name for National Taiwan University. It is equivalent to calling the University of Kentucky, UK. The Huang family is very lucky to have four siblings, all of whom graduated from Taida. It is as rare as any family in the USA to have four siblings all graduating from Harvard. Especially since every one of us had to take the college entrance exams to get there. Further more, all four of us entered Departments in Taida with the letters “chem” in them. I entered the Department of Chemistry, the next two entered the Chemical Engineering Department, and finally our youngest sister entered and graduated from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry Department at Taida. How do you like that?  How lucky could you get, to end up in this fashion.

Well, of course, I had to show Janice my Taida. We went there several times, I tried to point out all the places I was familiar with: the chemistry buildings, the basketball fields, the Fu-Garden and certainly the famous entranceway lined by palm trees. At the time we were there, our youngest sibling was just beginning her studies, while our third brother was entering his junior year. 


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