Tuesday, August 16, 2011

International House of Pancakes

Janice and I must have punched the right buttons on each other, as we certainly enjoyed each other’s company at an accelerating pace. Quickly we became regular customers of IHOP, at that time the only place in this quiet campus town open 24\7, where one could get something to drink and talk at all hours of the day. We tried to slow down the pace several times, but we were not successful. For example, I told Janice that we should break up for a while, yet I called her next day to meet at IHOP again! It was clear to Janice’s two apartment mates, and to my brother, my roommate, that Janice and I were on a one-way street, but the two of us just enjoyed talking to each other. We shared everything we could remember, discussed every subject on our minds, laughed at every joke we encountered, past and present. Life was full and fulfilling! 

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