Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Training for Combat

There was only one event worth reporting during my three month training for the pending war with Communist China. It had already been 12 years since the "People's Republic of China" left the mainland, but officially they were planning to start the fight to recover mainland China at any moment - whenever the government decided to do so. The event which I will describe was a "rehearsal" to attack a hill nearby. It was at the end of our training. I was the leader of five T3 tanks. We studied the plan for hours.

On the day of our planned attack, it was a clear morning. All my five tanks were in the sugarcane field ready to go. While I was thinking about how to avoid ruining the sugarcane field which farmers had painstakingly planted, the order came to commence the attack. At that moment, I found that none of the communication radios for my five tanks were working. I had no way to issue my order. Panic was immediate, but I had to act right then! The only way I could issue my order was to open the top tank cap door and stick my head out and yell! All was well at the end - our general declared that we had achieved our goal successfully. I suppose many wars are won that way!

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