Monday, August 9, 2010

Other Teachers at Banqiao

Since every subject was taught by a different teacher, and some teachers left Banqiao after just one semester, we had quite a number of teachers. Here I am going to mention just a few, those about whom I can remember some tidbit.

Teacher Miao (苗) taught us math; she was a very experienced able teacher. 

Teacher Liu (刘)also taught us math. Perhaps she was substituting for another teacher, I am not sure. However, she was unsure of herself and had a lot of problems in the class.

Teacher Bi (畢华雯) taught us music. She liked me and I liked her. Her encouragement gave me a good start in the enjoyment of music for my whole life. I remember that she invited me to her home at least once, but I do not remember why.

Teacher Yang (杨) was our Boy Scout leader. I was in the Bugle and Drum Corp. I remember we had five people playing bugles and five or six playing drums whenever we had a parade or ceremony of some kind. (I was always one of the drum players, since my mother was weary that I might catch TB by playing a common Bugle.) I believe that Yang was in charge of the Corp. We were afraid of him as he never smiled.

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