Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mr. Liu-ge (牛哥先生)

Liu-ge, (real name李费蒙19251997), or Buffalo Brother (literal meaning of his pseudonym name), was a famous artist of our time. He started his work in Taiwan during our Junior High School years and became quite famous later. Many newspapers carried his comics or cartoons about our lives during that time. Many times his work was on the edge of what was allowed and what was not allowed to be published. The following comic strip and cartoon are the only ones I could find on the web to show you his style. The comic strip was trying to show that a Western dinosaur is different from a Chinese dragon. To paint a dragon the most important part is its eyes.
The second one is a cartoon with his famous signature on the bottom left. It implies that to mold you into a modern "James Bond" (Chinese Chu Liu-ceon 楚留香was a James Bond like character in Chinese Gong-fu novels) requires jumping out of the old-fashioned genie's bottle.


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