Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bi-Tang (碧潭)

Upstream (going south) on the Hsin-Dian creek (新店溪) from Suie-Yuan-Di, my swimming place, lies an old scenic spot, Bi-Tang. It was then, in the 1950's, already quite famous. We went there on special occasions, such as class outings, or for group picnics. I am sure that I will talk about this place later in this blog. It is better to let you see it first here. There is a hanging bridge, which swings even without the wind. There are places for a short walk or a long hike. You could always rent a boat to row yourself or have someone take you around in a boat by the hour. Of course, there are a lot of restaurants and small eating cafes for ice cream and fruits. You can easily get there from Suie-Yuan-Di, in half an hour by train or bus, or by taxi now. I want to remind you that there were no taxis when I was growing up in Taiwan!


  1. My first memory about BiTang was that Tom promised to take me along in one of his outing. I remember all the excitement I felt and how much I looked forward to the trip. I think I was perhaps 5-6.(Tom, do you remember this, how old was I?) On the big day, we were already waiting at the bus station. I saw Mom running toward us. The next thing I knew was that she took me home. Back then I was extremely disappointed and resentful. Now I appreciate her love and concern as a mother. Mortality was hardly a concept in my little brain. I only thought about death when I turned 10.

  2. Yes, I do remember the event! And you probably were around six or seven!