Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Favorite Teachers

In the last two years of my primary school, my home teacher was a lady with the same last name as mine. Her name is Huang Ren-fong (黄任芳) 。 She was kind to everyone in the class, never punished anyone physically in the class. She came from a country in Southeast Asia who was giving Chinese descendants a hard time. So her family moved back to Taiwan. I was one of her favorite students, which made me study harder than I would have, just to please her. I was the second in the class (六甲) (by grade point average) when I graduated, which seemed to have come so easy but which hurt me later in my junior high entrance examination, a situation which I will report to you later. She wrote on my memory book: Be a good child at home, Be a good student in school!

My Math teacher was a very attractive lady; her name is Ke Hwei-zhu (柯慧珠). Unfortunately I do not have a picture of her. But I still remember her face and her manner. She was always well dressed and very confident of herself. She wrote in my memory book: You are smart, and very able. But at times you are too rushed. You could calm down some and adjust yourself properly. I hope that you develop your strong points and eliminate your weaknesses! Remember this! She certainly knew me, but it took me too long to appreciate what she said!

Many others wrote in my memory book, but I no longer remember them. For example, my art teacher Chen Shu (陈述) drew a horse in memory book, but I do not at all remember what he looked like! Another page included here is a teacher's beautiful painstakingly done calligraphy. 

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