Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Invitation from China

I had put my resume on file with the United Nations about possible technical support which I might be able to provide if there was a need somewhere in the developing world. In early April of 1980, I was informed that China was very interested in my visit regarding to my specialty, Physical Chemistry laboratory education. First I heard from a UN Representative from China, then I received a formal invitation from the President of Beijing Normal University. Both letters are posted below. They were sent to me in April, 1980. After that, everything moved very quickly. By the middle of May, I had made my plans to visit China at the end of July. In the meantime, I was trying to convince my father that I knew what I was doing and that there was no danger to me concerning my visit to China, a communist regime. He was very much against my going there to teach! I am sorry that both letters below are in Chinese. Clearly one of the reasons I was given the assignment was my fluency in the Chinese language!

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