Saturday, January 17, 2015

Remodeling our House

There was another important event in the Fall of 1976. We remodeled our house. There was a large front porch in this old house when we bought it. People living in this type of house often liked to sit on the front porch when the weather was warm, to watch people walking or driving by on the street. However, it was not our habit to use the porch in that fashion. We rarely sat in the swing (yes, we did have a swing on the porch) to do anything. The porch was a wasted space for us. So, after we talked about the situation, we quickly decided to get rid of the porch in order to make extra space for out front room. We needed a location for our family computer, and we decided to make some room for it and to use the rest of space for extra sitting room, a place where my father spent much of his time reading in later years! We contracted a private company and he took about two weeks to change the front porch into an extension of our living room. Because of the remodeling, we lost the possibility to have our house designated as a typical classical model house of the time. The pictures below were taken when the workmen started to frame the front room!


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