Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cross-Country Drive

Over the years, we, the whole family, did quite a number of cross-country drives. The year 1975 was when we made this trip for the first time. At that point, we had already traded in our green VW bug for a Ford station wagon. Classes at the University ended in the later part of May. We did not waste much time and set out to begin our trip. Picking up Kai was our first step. She was then in Lexington, KY, at my old University.  Then we went to Ames, Iowa, to visit Ed, who was also trying to get his PhD at Iowa State University. I remember vividly that they used to live in the University Graduate Student Apartments, which were located near a train track. We were all shocked (and shaken) by the loud train passing behind the building during the night.

Of course, we had a lot of picnics along the highway. That was our regular meal at lunch time, stopping at some rest stop on the interstate. The pictures below were taken on one of these occasions:


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