Saturday, February 2, 2013

Travel with Children and a Dog

When both Pan-pan and Steven were young, (somehow we did not use Steven’s nickname Bing-bing for very long) we traveled quite a bit. At that time, our dog, Princess, also traveled with us. We drove with both children and the dog in the back of the station wagon. When we traveled long distance we even put a baby mattress in the back so that the children could take a nap. There was no car seat or seat belts to worry about. It was a different time. We have certainly changed a lot since then and very fast!  Unfortunately, I could not find a good picture to show you here. The picture below, was the only one we have now which shows our dog and Steven in the back of the car. Steven was in a car seat but without a belt. The purpose was to raise him higher so that he could see outside the car! Was Steven a cute baby!


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