Friday, September 24, 2010


Life was definitely improving after Father found the job with National Taiwan University. At first he was hired as the Chief Accountant for the University, but not too long later he became the Chief Administrator of the University (总务长), which is equivalent to the Vice President of Administration nowadays. The University provided us with a nice Japanese style house with four bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a separate kitchen, two small toilet rooms, and a room for taking baths. Further, Father was provided with a pedicab and a nice driver whom my mother considered as a family member.

When the weather was good during the spring and fall, Father would occasionally ask for a large car from the University to take us on an outing. Many times, other relatives were invited to join us. This was fun for all of us. I have two pictures to remember such trips.

The first one was taken at Yang-Ming mountain (which is located in north Taipei) at the University Hospitality House. With my family were Er-ge and Er-je and Yuan De-Dong:

The second one taken by a professional photographer in front of the Temple in Jin-Mei (景美), which is located in the southern part of Taipei. That was a Taoist Temple. Hwei-ge and Xiao-je with Yuan De-Yi are also in the picture. I was not in this picture, I do not remember why, as I remember this picture!

Recently the temple was rebuilt and remodeled:

Wow, what a difference!

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